събота, 6 декември 2008 г.

by Vili - Silent night

Silent Night
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Réka каза...

Dear Vili 48!I am not a "blogger" and I am not talenteted to make PPS-es,or diaporamas.But I like them-I am hungry for them:))),I have a collection,and truly,the most beatiful are Yours...I don't have much from Your work,because I can not download for me-because I don't have anything to upload...Interesting situation...What could I do?You are a very kind woman( I am always looking for your art and how you manage yourself)-You are very talentated-believe me,but You are absolutist-to do always better.Do!!This is the sens of the life.I am a relatively"young" woman-and I do the same.And belive in yourself-and God.
Oh,dear-I totally confused myself.But I wanted to told You my opinion.And don't care absolutely about the others who are envy to you-Live your life.
I don't wanted to enter in Your personal life also...sorry for this...
And the second thing-it's an ask-somehow let me to download your exceptionally nice artwork-step by step.I sware just for myself.
If You are interested who am I,I give my mail-address and I answer to every question-I am hungarian,I live in Budapest...So I am expecting for Your answer-have a nice day,all my love-Réka.